Vac-Pac More Effectively and Efficiently Protects Your Birds

Vac-Pac® is the industry-leading vaccine stabilizing powder developed by Animal Science Products that provides you and your flocks with stronger, more reliable vaccine protection. Vac-Pac® helps you achieve better results and higher returns on your valuable vaccine investment.

Vac-Pac is superior to all other water-line delivered stabilizers as it greatly reduces the amount of time, energy, and extra supplies required to properly vaccinate your flocks – thus allowing you to more effectively and efficiently protect your birds.

The Benefits of Vac-Pac



Vac-Pac® represents more than a decade of research to identify the best ways to deliver and protect vaccines – assuring you of the very best vaccination results. Some advancements include:

  • Highly concentrated formula dissolves more quickly than effervescent tablets or animal-derived milk proteins.
  • Higher stabilizing power and solubility means quicker vaccine prep—no more of the 15-minute wait times of competing products. Our stabilizing action is immediate. The stabilized vaccine diluent is ready to receive the vaccine as soon as Vac-Pac® has been stirred into the solution.
  • Advanced granulation technologies that dissolve into the solution without all the dust.
  • Packaged for the U.S. market

The Features of Vac-Pac

Vac-Pac® has been specially developed to counteract the three major threats that impede proper vaccination. Known as “The Triple Threat,” – oxidizers, pH imbalances, and low tonicity – create conditions that inactivate vaccines and severely reduce proper immunization. Vac-Pac® overcomes these threats by providing:

  • Greater protection against oxidizers, including those in much higher concentrations than typically found in local water supplies.
  • Over two hours of 100% vaccine protection against high chlorine levels, even occasional shocks from chlorine spikes.
  • Contains a sophisticated buffering system that sustains an ideal, or “Sweet Spot” pH climate for vaccines, regardless of whether the water used in the stock solution is acidic or alkaline.

For more information on Vac-Pac®, download the spec sheet by clicking the link in the left column of this page. You can also download the full ASP Family of Vaccine Stabilizers brochure by clicking on the icon to the right.

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SpecSheet | SDS | SpecSheet Spanish For use in drinking water when administering water vaccines to neutralize factors that destroy vaccines. Seventy-Five 4 oz. packages per reusable container.


Vaccine Stabilizer Brochure
Vaccine Stabilizer Brochure Spanish
Vaccine Stabilizer Brochure Chinese
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