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Acidification with PKA

Reduces Bacteria as it Cleans Water Systems

Oinkment Spray

Oinkment® spray-on flexi-film bandage kills antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus to support effective wound care and infection control…

Gel Applications

Gel-delivered vaccines and probiotics for poultry and swine. Gel-Pac and Underline are specially designed to prolong the viability and improve the effectiveness of reconstituted and diluted vaccines and probiotics in a gel that is convenient to prepare and easy for birds and pigs to consume.

Vaccine Stabilization

The stabilizers in this class of products (Vac-Pac,Vac-Pac Plus, Spray-Vac, Spray-Vac Spectrum, and Opti-Vac) has been formulated to counter-act the three most destructive agents commonly associated with both traditional and effervescent processes.


For devastating respiratory infection within your hog and poultry houses. Animal Science Products offers a wide range of products to address your every day challenges.

Animal Science Products

Introduces A Natural Solution that lessens the impact of Coccidiosis in Pigs

HALT™ is proven to assist and help control the impact of coccidiosis on baby pigs. But unlike all other coccidiosis products that require delivery to each individual baby pig, HALT™ is the only product of its kind that is top-dressed on the sow’s feed, making administration much more simple and time efficient.

Oinkment® spray-on flexi-film bandage kills antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus to support effective wound care and infection control

Oinkment® spray bandage fills two vital roles in wound care. The sprayable liquid film dries to form a crucial flexible shield over wounds. This initial aspect of wound care is especially helpful for sealing cuts, abrasions, and incisions to prevent further contamination. The film’s non-antibiotic antimicrobial components, embedded in the bandage, fulfill the second key requirement. READ FULL ARTICLE


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Serghei Barba Quality Assurance Manager

Animal Science Products Announces the Appointment of Serghei Barba as Quality Assurance Manager Serghei Barba joined Animal Science Products in 2018 to provide seasoned food safety and food engineering expertise in managing the quality assurance and product technical...

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Winston Reynolds as Food Safety & Compliance Coordinator

Animal Science Products Announces the Appointment of Winston Reynolds as Food Safety & Compliance Coordinator Nacogdoches, Texas - Animal Science Products Inc., a leading specialty packaged goods manufacturer, announced today that Mr. Winston Reynolds will assume...

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Safe Feed, Safe Food

Animal Science Products, Inc., of Nacogdoches, TX, is proud to announce their recent Certification in the Safe Feed/Safe Food program of the American Feed Industries Association (AFIA). The Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program is a voluntary, third-party-certified initiative designed for feed mills and feed and ingredient-related facilities in the United States and Canada. The program establishes comprehensive standards of excellence that go beyond existing regulations to show leadership and maximize food and feed safety. DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE

Old Stone Fort Water-Soluble Poultry Products

Designed for all poultry species, the OSF line of products is ideal to meet the needs of the backyard poultry producers. OSF products supply supplemental nutrition often lacking in backyard production. OSF solutions include products to maintain: Optimal bird healthProper digestionHealthy gut functionEggshell qualityProper hydration

Elite Essentials is a balanced blend of natural ingredients

A new species-specific product line from Animal Science Products has been introduced to meet the needs of today’s health-conscious consumer. The face of animal agriculture is always changing; how we meet these changes will determine our joint success.


We are more than just great products – we’re a family-owned company devoted to serving our customers.

Animal Science Products has been proudly serving its customers in the feed additives and animal health industries for over 30 years. From the small northeast Texas town of Nacogdoches, ASP has delivered the highest quality products and professional service to feed manufacturers and livestock producers around the globe. We do so through a company-wide dedication to our processes, quality-assurance, innovation and customer attentiveness. We invite you to take time to learn more about our history, our mission as a company, and our team. It is the combination of all of these elements that have made us an industry leader and trusted supplier of animal nutrition products.

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