Uni-Sol 60 delivers the highest concentration of fever-fighting solution to your poultry and swine available on the market.

The Benefits of Uni-Sol 60


Poultry and Swine

Uni-Sol 60 blocks the production of prostaglandins, the body’s innate response to infections like the flu virus. By doing so, Uni-Sol 60:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces fever
  • Reduces swelling
  • Increases white blood cells, especially Lymphocytes to build cell memory and stimulate antibody production

The Features of Uni-Sol 60

No competitive product on the market today conveniently achieves the same level of active ingredient in the finished drinking water as Uni-Sol 60.

  • 5 pounds of of active ingredient in each gallon.
  • 60% Sodium Salicylate Concentrate with Caffeine* for Use in the Drinking water of Swine and Poultry
  • Caffeine Added at 9.6% of Sodium Salicylate Content

For more information on Uni-Sol 60, download the spec sheet by clicking the link in the left column.

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SpecSheet | SDS | SpecSheet Spanish | SpecSheet Chinese | Uni-Sol 60 is a liquid antipyretic and anti-inflammatory for use in the drinking water of your poultry and swine populations. Uni-Sol 60 aids in the reduction of fever and for mild analgesia.

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