Animal Science Products Announces the Appointment of Winston Reynolds as Food Safety & Compliance Coordinator

Nacogdoches, Texas – Animal Science Products Inc., a leading specialty packaged goods manufacturer, announced today that Mr. Winston Reynolds will assume the position of Food Safety & Compliance Coordinator.

Winston joined the company in 2014 as the Production Manager. Additionally, he took on a supportive role in product formulation in 2018. In his new position, he will be serving as Food Safety PCQI and SQF Practitioner. He will be responsible for maintaining FDA compliance, the company’s overall Food Safety Plan, industry
relevant certifications such as Safe Feed Safe Food, SQF, and work with the international distributor network on product registration. He will continue his supporting role in product formulation.

Commenting on his recent appointment, Winston said, “I look forward to maintaining our existing systems and furthering our certifications as well as supporting the growth of our distributor network by promoting registration opportunities in more countries”.

Today, the firm is a global leader in vaccine stabilization, gel application and non-antibiotic intervention, offering vaccine stabilizers for water, spray, gel, and ocular delivery. Our newest product, Oinkment®, is a spray-on, flexi-film bandage providing effective wound care and infection control for swine.

Animal Science Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1985 to service all facets of the feed and food animal production industry. Currently, the company has sales throughout the U.S. and in over forty countries.

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