President’s Letter

November 03 2015

It seems everyone loves M&M’s, some prefer peanut, some love the original, and some of us love them both!  This newsletter is filled with M&M’s but they aren’t the chocolate kind.  They are milestones and, more importantly, memories.  November 6, 1985 was the incorporation date of Animal Science Products, Inc.  I can still remember my dad going with me to the bank to help us get our first corporate account established.  We opened an account with a $5,000 deposit that was a gift from my folks to me, Bradley, and Bridget.  And the Company began…

I remember that first deposit, our first fax machine, our first computer, our first mixer but there are so many firsts throughout 30 years of business.  Each of the firsts along the way represents a milestone, a mark made, a goal achieved, and a memory created.  But, more importantly, are all the faces that race through my mind as I travel back down this highway of memories; each relationship unique, each affecting not only me personally but the company as well.

Because, you see, each relationship is a single thread that is woven together with all the others to make up the fabric of who this company has become:  some brightly colored threads filled with jokes and laughter, some darker threads serious and demanding, but, don’t forget, the green thread for profitability!  All this to say that the fabric, although on the loom for 30 years, is still not complete.

Thanks for the memories; thanks for the trust you place in us to serve you; and thanks for your friendship.  Oh, and the next time you see a pack of M&M’s, remember what they stand for:  milestones and memories!

To learn the real meaning of what M&M’s represent, please CLICK HERE.



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