I am always amazed at how after nearly 30 years in the poultry business I can still be asked questions on issues that previously never even crossed my mind. That is exactly what happened recently while I was traveling with one of our international distributors. A gentleman approached me and wanted to know if we could help him with a problem he was experiencing with his ocular-delivered vaccines. The issue dealt with tension strength of the droplet. The entire discussion on this particular issue touched on several points that  never occurred to us, but were real issues that needed to be addressed to assist him in achieving maximum immunization and ultimately protection of his flocks. When the team and I returned to the lab, we immediately began looking into all factors surrounding this water tension issue. In time, we believe we will find the solution for this challenge – allowing for even better immunization results for all of our customers.

This challenge is just one example of how are customers help us  identify the opportunities to better provide for their animals. I look forward to reporting back to you on solution to this challenge, as well as other advancements we are making in our vaccine protection products. Animal Science Products remains focused on finding ideal solutions for all of our customers – and on our relentless pursuit of delivering the very best animal nutrition products available.

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