Old Stone Fort Water-Soluble Poultry Products

Old Stone Fort Water-Soluble Poultry Products

OSF-Brochure-PDFDesigned for all poultry species, the OSF line of products is ideal to meet the needs of the backyard poultry producers.

OSF products supply supplemental nutrition often lacking in backyard production. OSF solutions include products to maintain:

  • Optimal bird health
  • Proper digestion
  • Healthy gut function
  • Eggshell quality
  • Proper hydration

Conveniently packaged to fortify five gallons of drinking water.


electrolyte for poultry

Balanced electrolyte with Vitamin C for proper hydration


A potent source of supplemental electrolytes and Vitamin C. Aids in the maintenance of healthy fluid balance and retention. Hydrates cells and reduces electrolyte loss during periods of heat or handling stress.

  • Supports optimal bone health
  • Vitamin C aids in stress reduction

Acidified Copper for Poultry

An aid to maintain healthy gut function


Provides a superior, soluble source of supplemental copper. Aids in the maintenance of proper gut function and reduces the occurence of wet droppings.

  • Helps to minimize wet droppings
  • Copper is a key component of enzyme systems
  • Helps maintain a healthy skeletal system
  • Convenient package for backyard flocks
  • Formulated for all poultry species

vitamin for poultry

Vitamins to maintain optimal bird health


A superior water soluble source of essential vitamins for all species of poultry. High vitamin concentration maintains muscle and heart function. Essential for healthy skin, feathering and reproduction. Maintains electrolyte balance during periods of reduced feed consumption and stress.

  • Antioxidants to support the immune system
  • B Vitamins support proper growth
  • Vitamin D to maintain proper bone development

Egg Shell for Poultry

Calcium and Vitamin D vital for eggshell quality


A premium source of soluble calcium, energy, vitamin D and micro-minerals essential to development of properly formed, durable egg shells.

  • Calcium is required for strong eggshells
  • Vitamin D supports calcium absorption

Probiotic Plus for Poultry

Synbiotic blend to aid proper digestion


Synbiotic multi-species microbial blend with prebiotics, fortified with micronutrients to enhance digestion and nutrient absorption. Stabilized to work in chlorinated water. Provides more efficient meat and egg production while protecting normal gut function with stable beneficial bacteria.

  • Probiotic blend for optimal gut function
  • Supports a strong immune system
  • Aids in protein digestion
  • Prebiotics support probiotic growth
  • Stabilized for maximum efficacy in chlorinated water
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