A new species-specific product line from Animal Science Products has been introduced to meet the needs of today’s health-conscious consumer.

The face of animal agriculture is always changing; how we meet these changes will determine our joint success. Challenges over which we have no control are issues and concerns for the modern consumer. Information has become easier and easier to obtain and for the consumer the latest blog, the latest headline, regardless of the accuracy of the information, is often a defining factor in their behaviors. If for this reason alone, animal agriculture must always be looking for methods of production to win the consumer’s trust.

chili-peppers-elite-essentialsAnimal Science Products’ team of professionals is constantly looking for alternative methods for our customers to better meet the needs of the market. Through extensive study and trials, Elite Essentials is an answer to produce livestock and poultry for today’s health conscious consumer.

Elite Essentials is a balanced blend of natural ingredients that provides a holistic approach to optimize animal performance and provide added producer profitability. For example: beef produced without antibiotics are able to realize over $125 bonus per head. In the grocery store, chicken breast commands over $2 per pound premium from a “natural” source versus a major national brand and organic products achieve even greater premiums. Elite Essentials is a solution for the producer to be able to capture higher value in their livestock and poultry.

Elite Essentials takes advantage of the animals own systems to aid in promoting good overall health. Elite Essentials blends are composed of phytonutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, yeast products, enzymes, and natural mineral sources. The unique blend developed from natural ingredients is ideal for natural production systems and also allows the producer to reduce their need for antimicrobials.

The cornerstone of the science behind Elite Essentials is the ability to promote a strong digestive system. By maintaining a healthy digestive system, Elite Essentials can help promote a positive balance of probiotic bacteria, increased nutrient utilization, and support a strong immune system. Over 60% of the immune system is located in the digestive tract, and since Elite Essentials promotes a healthy GI tract, this can positively affect the overall well-being of an animal.

Unlike many solutions, Elite Essentials does not rely on a single product. Rather, the blend of ingredients is designed to work in synergy with one another to provide the best overall solution. For example: the phytonutrients have strong antioxidant effects to support the immune system, and they also enhance feed intake as their role as flavoring agents. The use of probiotics and prebiotics enhance a positive overall microbial population in the gut; they also have been shown to improve nutrient digestion and absorption. Using complimentary levels for each ingredient makes them less likely to present long-term problems; often the use of a single ingredient for extended periods can result in lack of efficacy and resistance.


Customers that have adopted the Elite Essentials program have already seen the positive results the program brings.

A deer producer in Louisiana commented, “I feel more comfortable being able to produce my animals without the use of antibiotics.”

A Texas rabbit producer has claimed Elite Essentials is a “rabbit savior”. Prior to using Elite Essentials, the producer had very high mortality rates despite using antibiotics and, since on the program, mortality has dropped as has the cost of production.

Beef produced using the Elite Essentials program experienced less bloat than those on their standard program. “We have success using elite essentials in our stocker pens and our feed yard. Elite essentials allows us to jump start our cattle’s immune system without injectables and feed our cattle as natural as possible with confidence.”

Elite Essentials are available in species-specific formulations to meet the unique needs for each. Formulations for beef, deer, equine, poultry, rabbit, swine, and companion animals have been developed with the particular needs of each in mind. ASP professionals are available to assist develop appropriate solutions to meet each customer need.


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