Animal Science Products

Announces BEC Feed Solutions Distributorship in Australia

September 18, 2013

Animal Science Products Incorporated (ASP) has appointed BEC Feed Solutions Pty Ltd (BEC) as the exclusive distributor for the Veterinary Specialty Products Division in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

ASP and BEC Feed Solutions will work closely together to introduce and sell ASP’s superior vaccine protection products in the broiler and layer markets. The product range will consist of several unique water pH stabilizers and vaccine protection products. “These products have demonstrated excellent results in scientific trials and farm trials. They have become well established throughout the intensive livestock industry and are the dominant products in the United States”, says Bailey Reynolds, President of  ASP.

ASP’s specialty products unit is focused on the establishment of global sales and marketing for innovative animal health and nutrition products. As pioneers of vaccine protection products for animals in intensive livestock production, ASP is continuously expanding its market coverage. “We are very happy that BEC Feed Solutions is our trusted partner in the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island market,” says Ryan Izard, ASP’s Chief Science and Technology Officer.

BEC is a leader in the supply of innovative animal health and nutrition solutions to the Australian and international stock feed industry. To that end, BEC seeks out strategic alliances with innovators in animal health nutrition solutions, such as ASP.  “This unique line of products will make an excellent addition to our portfolio,” says Brett Antonio, Managing Director at BEC. “Our strong technical foundations and relationships with key clients will complement the innovative products and expertise of the ASP team. This will provide a solid foundation for continual improvement of our service to the stock feed industry.”

The product line will consist of:

• Opti-Vac®

• PKA®

• Spray-Vac®

• Spray-Vac® Spectrum

• Vac-Pac® International

• Vac-Pac® Plus International

• Vac-Pac® Plus Farm-Pac

BEC Feed Solutions is committed to servicing the feed industry with innovative feed and animal nutrition solutions. BEC is a leading supplier of premixes, feed additives and ingredients, and feed commodities, all supported by formulation services, nutrition advice and market information.

With a fully integrated quality management system encompassing all supply chain control, manufacturing and distribution processes, BEC consistently meets and exceeds the requirements of quality and safety expectations.

With over 25 years experience servicing the animal feed and livestock industries, BEC has developed a strong customer oriented approach to meeting nutrient requirements in all environments. This experience and dedication has honed their capacity to ensure optimum health and performance in animals with the ultimate goal to improve our customers’ bottom line.

Animal Science Products, Inc. was founded in 1985 in Nacogdoches, Texas, USA.  ASP produces and distributes a full array of high-quality feed additives, micro ingredients, and premixes for all species. Today, Animal Science Products serves the livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and companion animal markets with nutritional and health-related specialty products.  The company currently has sales in over thirty states and thirty countries.

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