Animal Science Products recently celebrated more growth in the Eastern European livestock industry as Rolvet, one of ASP’s newest distribution partners, rolled out product introductions throughout Poland.  Market-leading Rolvet was one of the first private companies to usher in free market reforms in Poland, efficiently serving the animal health sector.  The dynamic family company is headed by founder Dr. Josef Napierala and director Dr. Aleksandra Dobrzyńska.  The operation’s core strength is to import and distribute animal medications and veterinary biological/health products from the U.S., Europe and South America.

Polish-Rolvet-Pic-2Polish food animal production is rapidly expanding as private, modernized growing operations flourish.  Food-producing companies recognize the importance of securing food safety through better animal health and disease prevention.  ASP’s Ryan Izard was invited to speak on improving disease protection, focusing on vaccine-related technologies.  Ryan addressed Veterinary Association members and held workshops with producers throughout Poland, introducing them to the latest management strategies to improve success when using live vaccines in mass applications.  Rolvet’s initial product introductions include the new generation vaccine stabilizers Vac-Pac Plus and Spray-Vac, as well as RespiVet expectorant, Sali-Sol anti-inflammatory, and PKA water line cleaner and de-scaler.  Rolvet’s reach is broad, and ASP is pleased to be among the top firms joining them to support the Polish animal health industry.

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