I recently had the opportunity to visit Al Tahona, a long time customer of Animal Science Products. During my visit, I had the pleasure of touring their new broiler hatchery in Zarga, Jordan. This impressive facility, which vaccinates using our Spray-Vac® product, allowed me to gain great perspective on how our products are being utilized in such state-of-the-art facilities. My visit was made possible by our regional distributor, Dr. Apkar Kevorkian of Feed Concentrate Co., and guided by Enad Al-Khalidy, Broiler Farms Manager of Al Tahona.


The Al Tahona facility has the capacity to hatch 48 million eggs per year using 100% Petersime equipment. The hatchery utilizes 57 incubators and is configured with four rooms – each housing 15 hatchers. The facility processes 85% to 95% of the birds it hatches, with the remaining balance being sold into the live bird market. Of the birds they process, some are cut-up and sold into the food market or to fast food chains in the Jordanian marketplace.


The hatchery is only one portion of Al Tahona’s fully integrated operation. Al Tahona also has its own breeding stock, which produces all of its broilers (in this part of the facility, Al Tahona is using ASP’s Vac-Pac Plus® International vaccine stabilizer). It has its own feed plant, providing for its own flocks as well as making feed products which it sells to other producers.

Getting to experience this amazing facility first hand was a real treat. I thank Dr. Apkar Kevorkian and Enad Al-Khalidy for making my tour possible. I look forward to future opportunities to visit other facilities and seeing first-hand how our products are being used to improve food safety around the world.

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