Animal Science Products, Inc., (ASP) of Nacogdoches announced their workforce has completed six years of operations without incurring a lost workday injury.

Tracy Russaw, an employee for sixteen years, said, “Safety is getting better all the time. We are encouraged to look out for each other and that really helps”. Second year employee, Joe Lane, stated, “Safety is very good here compared to other places I’ve worked. The goal is clearly to go home in as good condition as when we got here”.


Animal Science Products has a quarterly Safety Rewards Program which has been in place for over fifteen years. The employees have practiced safe performance consecutively over the last 6 years, November 2007 to the present time, amounting to over 2,192 days safe! This is a remarkable accomplishment and one that ASP is very proud.

The company celebration included a breakfast served to the employees, after which a commemorative Sixth Year Safety banner was presented. City dignitaries attended, as did John Sullivan of Sullivan Insurance, who presented a plaque on behalf of his agency and Texas Mutual Insurance Co., acknowledging this achievement. State Representative Travis Clardy also attended and presented a Certificate of Recognition on behalf of the House of Representatives and his office.

Animal Science Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1985 to service all facets of the feed and food animal production industry. The firm produces and distributes a full array of high-quality feed additives, micro ingredients, and premixes for all species. Animal Science Products also serves the livestock, poultry, and companion animal markets with nutritional and health-related packaged goods. The company currently has sales in twenty-three states and thirty countries.

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