The Animal Science Products team has recently taken notice of an amazing program that one of our customers has created to both manage waste and reduce overhead. Ag Provision, LLC, a buying group for Smithfield, Butterball, Prestage Farms among others, has developed a recycling program that to date has reduced their solid waste production by 65%, helped many of their local owners eliminate the need for recycling equipment, and even generated additional revenue from the sale of the recycled materials.

Animal Science Products has been able to emulate many aspects of Ag Provision’s program, thanks to the insight we’ve received from Randy Mapes and his team. Mark Phillips, the Purchasing and Logistics Manager at ASP, has implemented several of the practices learned from Ag Provision, including the recycling of boxes, bags, pallets, and other materials. These steps have not only succeeded in decreasing our recycling costs, but they have led to a number of alternative ways to improve upon the efficiency of our waste management..

While we are very proud of the strides we have made thus far, we know we still have a ways to go. Ag Provision not only recycles the same items we do, but they have found ways to recycle universal waste (batteries, ballasts, fluorescent tubes/bulbs) and e-waste (computers, printers, etc.). All together, through diligent processes and education, Ag Provision is making an enormous impact on the environment through its commitment to better waste management practices.

We at ASP recognize and applaud the progressive thinking that Ag Provision has introduced to our industry, and are excited to learn from their example. Thanks to strong partnerships like the one we share with Ag Provison, we are able to go beyond just a buy/sell relationship and enjoy the true sharing of knowledge. By learning from Ag Provision’s experiences, we have a clearer understanding of what successful waste management looks like.

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