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Get the most powerful vaccine protection for your animals by using the most technologically advanced products on the market.

Over a decade of research and development has been invested into creating Animal Science Products’ revolutionary vaccine protection products – also known as The ASP Family of Vaccine Stabilizers. Each of the stabilizers in this class of products (Vac-Pac,Vac-Pac Plus, Spray-VacSpray-Vac SpectrumOpti-Vac, and Underline) has been formulated to counter-act the three most destructive agents commonly associated with both traditional and effervescent processes. These agents, called the “Triple Threat,” which include Oxidizers, pH Imbalances, and Low Tonicity, are responsible for significant decreases in proper immunization and must be addressed if effective vaccination is to occur. The ASP Family of Vaccine Stabilizers provides your vaccines with the ideal environment for successful vaccination, there by improving your results, and protecting your valuable vaccine investments.

Globally, billions of animals every year benefit from ASP’s industry-leading products. Learn for yourself the difference that The ASP Family of Vaccine Stabilizers can make in your own animals by contacting your local distributor.






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