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MucuSol – Breathtaking Production

R.S. Izard, M.S. PAS

Breathtaking…you have probably felt it…a word we normally reserve to describe an awe-inspiring scene of natural beauty or human endeavor. Suddenly unable to catch your breath at seeing a magnificently rewarding scene, it feels like you are unable to find the air to feed your lungs.

There’s another loss of breath that is not so rewarding. Many people experience it in the form of asthma or respiratory congestion. There are a couple of causes of this congestion in people and our animals.





Gel-Pac® Improves the Titer of Live Infectious Bronchitis (IB) Vaccine for Poultry Hatcheries

Live IB vaccines were originally developed and delivered by nose drop to poultry because, logically, the respiratory tract was the tissue we were trying to protect by a mucosal response. However, eventually the economic pressure from high labor costs in developed poultry markets forced researchers to seek more cost effective ways to deliver live virus vaccine and protect poultry. During the 1950’s the IB vaccine strains were confirmed as being viscero-active, meaning they are able to provide immunity and protect the respiratory tract from disease challenges even if they are swallowed, not inhaled. From that point IB vaccines have been mass applied via both hatchery aerosol spray and drinking water. Dosing by spray at day-of hatch is still favored over dosing by drinking water after placement because, among other things, earlier application provides earlier onset of immunity.

New generation stabilizers improve Newcastle Disease vaccine performance

Ryan-article-photoAsian poultry integrators increasingly rely on hatcheries to administer important vaccines. Pressure to adopt earlier vaccination strategies include injected, sprayed and in ovo programs, each method and antigen imposing its own particular burden application and risk of failure. ZHANG JIANG, VERGIL DAVIS and RYAN IZARD* discuss the potential of new generation stabilizer technologies to protect fragile Newcastle Disease (ND) vaccines from the harmful effects of chlorine. This can allow producers to use ordinary tap water or well water to make spray vaccination more convenient and efficient.


Gel-Pac delivering optimal suspension…

Gel-Pac-logo-smallfrom its initial adoption in the poultry industry, has been most commonly used to deliver orally active probiotic bacteria to young birds in commercial hatcheries.  Easy to prepare, adaptable to existing equipment, and voraciously eaten by hatchlings, the gel spray is popularly applied to birds as early as day-of-hatch to get the most rapid gut colonization possible on this side of the egg.

View the VIDEO or download the PDF


Old Stone Fort Water-Soluble Poultry Products

Designed for all poultry species, the OSF line of products is ideal to meet the needs of the backyard poultry producers.

OSF products supply supplemental nutrition often lacking in backyard production. OSF solutions include products to maintain:

  • Optimal bird health
  • Proper digestion
  • Healthy gut function
  • Eggshell quality
  • Proper hydration




Gel delivered vaccines, probiotics, and nutritional ingredients for poultry

Gel-Pac-ChicksGel-Pac is a novel product delivery solution for newly hatched chicks and poults.  Gel-Pac meets the needs of poultry hatcheries to introduce vaccines and nutritional products in a convenient and highly effective manner within hours of hatching.  Due to application difficulties, this has not been done routinely until now.  First developed as a delivery vehicle for probiotics, Gel-Pac can be used to deliver coccidiosis vaccines, prebiotics, phytochemicals, immune modulators, and the list goes on.  Gel-Pac also aids in chick hydration, a vital benefit when preparing the birds for transport.



A new species-specific product line from Animal Science Products has been introduced to meet the needs of today’s health-conscious consumer. The face of animal agriculture is always changing; how we meet these changes will determine our joint success.



Vac-Pac Improves the Stability of Argus® SC/ST Salmonella Vaccine Merck’s Argus® SC/ST is a prominent vaccine manufactured to prevent the pneumonia, diarrhea, septicemia and mortality in swine caused by Salmonella cholerasuis. It also controls another salmonella species, S. typhimurium, which is one of the common causes of food poisoning in people. Controlling these infectious bacteria improves swine production efficiency and can reduce the risk of human illness.


We are more than just great products – we’re a family-owned company devoted to serving our customers.

Animal Science Products has been proudly serving its customers in the feed additives and animal health industries for over 25 years. From the small northeast Texas town of Nacogdoches, ASP has delivered the highest quality products and professional service to feed manufacturers and livestock producers around the globe. We do so through a company-wide dedication to our processes, quality-assurance, innovation and customer attentiveness. We invite you to take time to learn more about our history, our mission as a company, and our team. It is the combination of all of these elements that have made us an industry leader and trusted supplier of animal nutrition products.

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