Reducing pathogen contamination through nutritional products

We live in a world today where food safety is on the forefront of people’s minds and on the front page of every publication, whether it’s electronic or print. People are constantly discussing food safety. They want safe wholesome products for themselves and their families. The wave of desire for food safety truly reaches around the world. Producing safe food is a priority for leading food companies, because it’s demanded by customers – young and old alike.

Intervene is a revolutionary breakthrough in microbial control providing customers with safer feed that leads to the safer food they desire. Intervene is the culmination of years of research and practical day-to-day operating experience, applying HACCP to improve feed sanitation for broilers. Intervene combines the research of multiple companies and years of experience from poultry nutritionists across the US, all rolled into one convenient premix.

Safe Food is Our Priority

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SpecSheet | SDS Antimicrobial preservative that maintains feed and feed ingredients Salmonella negative and inhibits mold growth. Prevents microbial recontamination by vectors such as rodents, birds and insects.

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